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November 16th, 2011 
cridecoeur: (raichu a love song)
Title: The Meaning and Depth Cycle
Author: [personal profile] cridecoeur
Pairing: Nicholas/Peter, Tess/Claudia
Rating: Individual Stories Rated PG - R
Warning: None apply. Unless you have a problem with slash. Then you are really going to have problems with these stories.
Summary:Nicholas and Peter have been living together for two years - Nicholas a starving medical student on early discharge from the army and Peter a university drama student - when all their pining for each other transforms into an actual relationship. This is the story of the next three years of their lives, a romance involving stuffed dragons, inappropriate medical conference sex toys, Crododile apartments, transexual sweaters, Swappeez, inept proposals, and love. But mostly love.
A/N: This would be the OBB fic I've been blithering about for like 3 months! It has been a serious labor of love, the first OBB I've won, and the first story over 10,000 words I have finished. Also, I really hope no one is offended by the transexual sweater bit. It is not meant to be offensive or inflammatory, but sometimes it's hard to judge these things.

Also there is totally amazing art for this story! Seriously it is better than the fic. It is over on ruins_of_sodom's LJ, here. Go tell him how freaking amazing he is!

Boardwalk Jitters
Nicholas/Peter | PG | 1307 words
Peter and Nicholas were half-way down the boardwalk on a blustery Saturday afternoon, coat collars turned up against the wind, when Peter caught sight of a booth that boasted over-large stuffed animals for anyone who could knock down a pyramid of glass bottles - a game that was undoubtedly rigged, which did not seem to matter to Peter. )

Dragons Will Never Hurt You
Nicholas/Peter, Tess/Claudia | PG-13 | 1896 words

By the time Nicholas had left the train station, staggered onto the bus, and then staggered, perhaps with even less grace, onto the sidewalk out front of his and Peter’s apartment building, one o’clock had well and truly passed, and he was exhausted enough that when his key to the building did not work the first three times, Nicholas seriously considered sleeping on the sidewalk. )

Crocodiles, Revisited
Nicholas/Peter | PG-13 | 2333 words

Nicholas was fairly certain shopping for his last apartment had not been so utterly horrific. )

Ho Ho Ho, Etc.
Nicholas/Peter, Tess/Claudia | PG-13 | 1722

Nicholas, as everyone knew, was a terrible gift giver, which was embarrassing for a man of 28 to say, especially one who could afford to give at least moderately extravagant gifts - he did not lack funding, but according to Tess, he did lack taste. )

The End. Until They Get Gay Married!
Nicholas/Peter, Tess/Claudia | R | 4281

They were at He’s Not Here when the news broke; Vasya was the first to know because he had, Nicholas thought, a vast and terrifying spy network and so knew of everything that happened in tristate area before anyone else did. That, and he compulsively checked his phone, his e-mail, and, more to the point, the news, despite the fact that he should be checking none of them while working. )
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