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Jaidon ([personal profile] cridecoeur) wrote2011-09-15 01:53 pm

Otherwise, On The Web

I FINISHED MY OBB FIC. THE FIRST BIG BANG I HAVE EVER WON. It is sitting at a little over 11,000 words, which makes it the first story over 10,000 words I have finished. And now I am working on a second story that is about the same length and... weird. Really weird. Like a bunch of people maybe just got turned into zombies - except without the mindless hunger for brains or whatever - but you don't know for certain, and the main character just hit and killed Death and his horse with her car. Which could happen to anyone really. That's why you don't cross dark, winding country roads at night. Because women who are possibly hallucinating you might hit you with their car, and then you'll die.

IDEK, guys. IDEK.

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