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Jaidon ([personal profile] cridecoeur) wrote2011-11-26 09:36 pm

at least this will not result in a marshmallow monster

So I am pretty much writing purely fanfic these days. Generally I try not to cross the streams on here or whatever, but, uh, since I have nothing else to offer you, I'm probably going to start posting about that. Or possibly just about my TREMENDOUS WRITERS BLOCK you guys wouldn't believe it. Well, maybe you would. But I went from writing 20,000 words of fandom nonsense in three weeks to writing... nothing. Which is always frustrating. Especially since I just posted a story (this story if you are interested in ridiculous stories about Cupid and Aphrodite failing to matchmake people, specifically Sherlock and John, which maybe you are) that I swore would be updated and finished quickly. Hahaha, I should have known better than that.

Aside from that, though, I can't remember the last time I was in a fandom that made me produce like this. Actually, yes I do, it was HP back in 2005/2006. (Ironically, my arguably most well known Sherlock fics are the HP crossovers. /o\) If we are counting RP stuff along with it, I greatly outproduced myself back then. If we aren't then, holy shit, I have been possessed by some bizarre fandom spirit. I think this is because Sherlock is generally cooler than all other cool things at present. But that is just my opinion, maybe you think other thinks are cooler.

Also, I just bought OmniOutliner, and it may be the greatest thing to happen to me in the last month, which isn't hard, since the last month has been pretty shitty. But it is a generally awesome program that makes plotting long shit (the vast majority of what I write /o\) far less painful. Not painless. Nothing short of a personality transplant would make plotting painless. But it's a help.