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So I am writing a thing over on AO3 that is pretty strange, about Sherlock being a treasure hunter and John basically being a post-apocalyptic magician in a steam punk city. And now it comes with free music! This is the playlist I write this story to. Maybe you will like it, idk. Unless you don't like indie music, in which case you probably shouldn't download it.

You can get it over here. The playlist is below, so you can decide if it's worth the 45 second wait or whatever.

Cults: Abducted
Is Tropical: Clouds
Foster the People: Pumped Up Kicks
Andrew Bird: Not a Robot, But a Ghost
Bat for Lashes: Horse and I
Beirut: Cliquot
The Black & White Years: Power to Change
Cloud Cult: Please Remain Calm
Crystal Castles: Courtship Dating
Damien Rice: Volcano
Eisley: Marvelous Things
Pixies: La La Love You

And here is the 8tracks version for those of you who have, idk, a moral opposition to free music that I guess might be illegal.

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