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28th-Nov-2011 02:32 pm
cridecoeur: (everything you can imagine)
So, here's the thing.

I fucking love Bakery AUs.

This is awkward for a number of reasons, one being that I don't eat, y'know, anything you could make in a bakery. I don't even like bread. Seriously, I buy that unnaturally thin stuff so when I make sandwiches there will be even less bread involved. I also can't actually remember the last time I walked into a bakery. It probably wasn't willingly. So I have like zero experience with bakeries and their general foodstuffs, and I don't, as a rule, like the things they produce. And, yet, I love Bakery AUs.

The real problem with this is that I want to write a Bakery AU. Specifically I want to write a Sherlock/John Bakery AU. But a) I know nothing about bakeries, including what happens in them day to day and b) I don't know how to bake shit, and I figure professional baking is not something you can just fake (I mean, I guess I could try, but that'd add another level of ignorance on top of an American writing in a British fandom, and, yeah, I'd rather not) and c) I have no fucking clue how either John or Sherlock would wind up owning a bakery. The closest I could work it towards making sense is Harry owning the bakery. An alcoholic baker. That bakery would clearly be a raging success. Plus John doesn't, y'know, willingly entangle himself with Harry. SO BASICALLY I CAN'T MAKE IT WORK EVEN THOUGH I WANT TO.

That is my sad story for the day. I am sorry for the like minute you lost reading that.
21st-Jun-2011 01:28 pm - big bang, wot
cridecoeur: (Default)
Finally decided on my OBB fic! (I think. God, I've decided on it like four times now at least.) It is currently sitting round about 7000 words. I'm thinking it's going to be somewhere between 25-30,000 before it's finished because apparently I have no setting between 500 words and tl;dr. Granted that's only novella length. But I would just like, one time, for my fic to fall neatly around 10,000 words, when that's all I need.

The story is a space dragon 'verse au - the original au, in fact, before I abandoned it to write a number of increasing stupid other spage dragon au stories. It was just supposed to be rom com but then Nicholas started being haunted by a former comrade in arms he failed to save, and his role as a psychopomp (much like the actual space dragon story) came back into play, and he started having premonition-type dreams about Peter, and now it is like... I don't even know. Weird. But hopefully in a good way! I mean, I think it is in a good way. I'm just hoping other people will, too.

Also, I am 100% doing a director's cut of this story because I loved when people used to do those (it was a real trend for a while there - at least in the communities I frequented - and then people just dropped it) because I think one of those would actually benefit it. Plus I've just always wanted to do one. So there's that.

Although the fact that I actually am doing a fic for OBB probably means I won't finish the lesbian horror story in time for HBB. But I will be happy if I manage to finish just one of them on time. The OBB looks like it has a better chance, over all. So that is what I am doing.

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