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19th-Jul-2011 11:43 am - Winning!
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So I guess I won Camp NaNo. \o/ I'm totally going to forget to validate, knowing me, and then I will have to knock my head against a wall or something, but I won! Now I need to figure out what to do for August. I could rebel it and finish this story, but there's another one I want to work on (there's always another one I want to work on, ugh), so I don't know what I'm doing yet. I would post a poll here but that didn't work out very well last time, so. XD We Shall See.
23rd-Jun-2011 12:37 pm - big bang widget
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So, yeah, posted about Big Bang last time. And now I am posting a widget so I can publicly shame myself encourage myself to write more. Plus being able to update a widget makes me feel like I'm getting somewhere. So, here we go, widget!

Also, this icon is a surprisingly accurate description of my Big Bang plot or would be if Nicholas would just get over himself.
21st-Jun-2011 01:28 pm - big bang, wot
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Finally decided on my OBB fic! (I think. God, I've decided on it like four times now at least.) It is currently sitting round about 7000 words. I'm thinking it's going to be somewhere between 25-30,000 before it's finished because apparently I have no setting between 500 words and tl;dr. Granted that's only novella length. But I would just like, one time, for my fic to fall neatly around 10,000 words, when that's all I need.

The story is a space dragon 'verse au - the original au, in fact, before I abandoned it to write a number of increasing stupid other spage dragon au stories. It was just supposed to be rom com but then Nicholas started being haunted by a former comrade in arms he failed to save, and his role as a psychopomp (much like the actual space dragon story) came back into play, and he started having premonition-type dreams about Peter, and now it is like... I don't even know. Weird. But hopefully in a good way! I mean, I think it is in a good way. I'm just hoping other people will, too.

Also, I am 100% doing a director's cut of this story because I loved when people used to do those (it was a real trend for a while there - at least in the communities I frequented - and then people just dropped it) because I think one of those would actually benefit it. Plus I've just always wanted to do one. So there's that.

Although the fact that I actually am doing a fic for OBB probably means I won't finish the lesbian horror story in time for HBB. But I will be happy if I manage to finish just one of them on time. The OBB looks like it has a better chance, over all. So that is what I am doing.

16th-Jun-2011 01:08 pm - bang, bang, you're dead.
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I'm fucking weak. By which I mean I signed up for another Big Bang. Horror Big Bang! I'll be using my lesbian werewolf horror story for it, which means I have no idea what I will be doing for Original Big Bang now. Dropping out again probably. I have been total failcakes where that community is concerned. But at least now I have more time to write the lesbian horror story! I'm going to need it ha ha (why so long, sob).

Here is a banner! They are taking original fic (obviously)! You should sign up so I have more original horror stories to read!


ETA: I am trying, so very hard, to get into Dioscorus' head. He is, without a doubt, the character I have the most difficulty with. I have not had much success aside from these lines:

He hit the floor and didn’t get up. She hit her knees and dropped the gun. I hit Koralo over the back of his head, so he crumpled to the ground. Didn’t really need to. I just didn’t like him much.

12th-May-2010 04:11 pm - bang bang, you're dead
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This journal's starting to look really sad after me not posting for months - I'm working on two big bangs! I swear! it's just nothing I can post yet - so I figured I'd pass this challenge along: the werewolf big bang! (That's too many exclamation points for one sentence. Shame on me.) They're accepting original fic as well as fandom or I wouldn't be signed up. The idea is - as you could probably intuit without me telling you - to write a piece that's at least 10,000 words, revolving around werewolves in some way. And they're accepting pretty much any kind of werewolf lore you can think of. Me, I'm going to be writing a paranormal romance/adventure. It's gonna be sweet. So if you're like me, and you'll jump on any chance to write paranormal stories, you should sign up! Let's show original fic some love!

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