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8th-Apr-2011 10:14 am - celebrate good times, come on
cridecoeur: (escape)
So this is my fiftieth post. (That is actually a really funny looking word, I'd never noticed before.) I mentioned it to [profile] lunik last night and was like, "I would do something special for it but what would I do?" And then I replied to [personal profile] thedorkygirl on my welcome post and thought, "I know what I will do! I will make a collection of all the poetry I have written! That way people can see it all without me having to post like 20 more poems, that would be a pain in the ass." Then I got to arranging it and went, "Man, this is really sad, I've lost most of my poetry due to the SUPER CRASHING DELL I had in freshman year." So it is a small collection. 13 pages, 27 poems, from 2004-2011. Although it is basically all from 2009-2011, with like five poems from 2004-2005 that were on a floppy disk and so didn't go with the Dell.

ANYWAYS. Here it is in PDF form. If you would like it in some other form (because you hate PDFs?) just comment here. (Also, yes, there is a dedication even though that is SUPER PRETENTIOUS with a collection of 27 poems. But I promised [profile] lunik a dedication page if I ever finished something, and I am considering this a mostly complete work SO SHE FINALLY GOT ONE.) The poems are arranged mostly in a chronologically descending order except for how I got like 4 pages in and went, crap I forgot some, and just didn't bother to go back and rearrange. But you can tell the really old stuff from the super pretentious formatting. (I was like 15, give me a break.)

I would appreciate comments if you download/read even if it is just to say, "u suck, die in a hole. >:|". Although that one would make me sad. :(
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