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16th-Jan-2011 02:30 pm - collection of corpses: day two
cridecoeur: (Default)
Okay, so I didn't meet the word count yesterday, either. Actually I did better when I only had eight minutes. Oh well. Maybe I will make this a three pages in three days challenge. I would probably do better at that! Or maybe I will go back to my 100 words a day goal. I should probably also be writing the Space Dragon story instead of this weird girl-directing-the-apocalypse thing. Anywho, my excerpt:

Smoke guttered in the street and they were coming down the sidewalk, shuffle-step, shuffle-step, shuffle-step, and she said, YOU’RE THE LAST ONE, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO and the woman raised her shotgun and light glanced off a mirror behind the window and somewhere else a window SHATTER and a siren WAIL and DON’T STOP NOW THEY’RE COMING the woman put her finger on the trigger as they came shuffle-step, shuffle-step closer, and MOAN they made noise like THE DEVIL COMES CLOSER and THAT’S IT, THAT’S IT the woman pulled the trigger as the first one LUNGE and BANG! the kickback JERK and the woman STAGGER as they came shuffle-step, shuffle-step closer and RUN RUN WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO KILL ALL OF THEM? the woman turned and AFTER HER suddenly they were coming FAST FAST FASTER! down the street, not just the sidewalk and THIS IS THE END OF THE WORLD, YOU’RE THE ONLY ONE LEFT, YOU’RE NOT GOING TO MAKE IT OUT ALIVE.
15th-Jan-2011 12:22 am - day one: collection of corpses
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So, I was going to make another journal for this, as I am wont to do, but it is kind of silly the number of journals I create, only to not use this one, so! I am going to be doing a three-page daily writing challenge for... however long my interest is kept. Today (well, yesterday, now) I didn't reach three pages. But I also had eight minutes. So (so so so) from now on I'm going to be posting these stream-of-consciousness snippets here because otherwise this journal is sad looking and no one keeps up with it anyways so I figure no one will mind. That said! A snippet.

Light glanced off metal, the shine, the shoot, BANG! she said and the gun retorted, licking smoke across the windowpane, and SHATTER! she said and the glass picked up her refrain and struck the ground, and ENOUGH! she shouted, and everything was silent, the crickets stopped, and the birds stopped, and the cars in the street stopped, and even the old cat down the alley who YOWLED at the door some days, when she had bought milk like it had a sense for it, went quiet and didn't YOWL anymore.

ALRIGHT! she said, LET'S TRY THIS AGAIN, and the woman who had fallen to the floor with a hole in her chest got back up and took her place on the sofa, one hand poised on her knee, her ribs showing under her shirt, and she crossed her legs and said DARLING WHAT ARE YOU DOING, and a man standing by the mantle got his elephant gun down and said DARLING YOU'RE GOING TO DIE, and she said NO NO NO YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG. LIKE THIS.

BANG! she said, and the gun jumped out of his hand and hit the floor and shot BANG and the floor blew apart and underneath the floorboards was a boy with his hands crossed over his chest laying like a penitent or like a woman on her wedding bed waiting for penetration, almost the same thing.

NOW WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO, she said, and then woman got up from her seat and set her hands on her cheeks. SCREAM, she said, and the woman tipped back her head and opened her mouth and SCREAMED and BANG!, she said, and the woman fell to the ground with a hole in her chest.

I don't know wtf that is. Oh well. It is.
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