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23rd-Sep-2010 12:36 pm - in the beginning...
cridecoeur: (Default)
title: a la belle étoile
author: [personal profile] cridecoeur
prompt: beyond our understanding for [community profile] parthenon
pairing: chiela/terasu
rating: pg-13
word count: 1674
summary: amnesia and saints and lesbians, oh my.
a/n: the beginning of the original space dragon story!
29th-May-2010 02:41 pm
cridecoeur: (Default)
title: a la belle étoile
prompt: #99 at [community profile] stayintheroom, newly planted flowers, a dried up river, mortal? and "growth" for women are awesome.
pairing: chiela/terasu, pipra/nikolao
word count: 2,809
rating: r
a/n: this is an excerpt from my original big bang fic, a sci fi space adventure set basically in the present, give or take a few years, on an alien world. the characters involved are fighting in an intergalactic war with worse odds that russian roulette. some of them have super powers. some of them can shape shift. all of them are running out of time.

They make their way to the edge of the camp - just the fact that they make it surprises the hell out of Chiela, a combination of Sprita’s freaky-ass insect radar, foreseeing ships before they pass over, a liberal application of Nikolao’s shadows, and a whole fucking lot of luck - traveling through a dried up river bed, trying to make as little noise as they can, which… well, they don’t get caught and that’s the only thing that really matters, not how gracefully they do it - believe her, it’s not very gracefully, especially not when one of them is blind. )
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