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title: the house of yellow roses
prompt: doll for [community profile] originalfic100
rating: r. ish.
word count: 1118
a/n and kind of a warning: the r is for murdering. the ish is for that murder being non-explicit. honestly, i'm not very good at rating things to begin with, so i'm not 100% sure about this one.

What Jamison would always remember was the steeple of the church submerged in the lake and the ghosts of a congregation long passed. )
7th-Jun-2011 01:25 pm
cridecoeur: (Default)
I'm such a sucker for a good prompt table. So when I found [community profile] originalfic100 (and how, how did I not know about this community before), it was inevitable that I was going to sign up for something. And I did! The House of Yellow Roses, or, more shortly, the Yellow Roses 'verse, which is a 'verse in which an immortal boy and his angelic sister collect ghosts in their little, unnamed town, by giving them the one thing they most desire. The main character is one of these ghosts, only he keeps leaving the town to start new lives/die again/journey across space and time with the help of the immortal boy's magical house/hall of doorways to everywhere. It is strange! What am I saying everything I write is strange, that was a given. It is probably on par with Lalo though, and Lalo is pretty strange.

Is it uncouth to post something like this before the moderator of the community has even seen your sign-up post? I think it is, a little. BUT I AM DOING IT ANYWAYS.

This is the table I will be working from:

001Affection 002Corpse 003Gratitude 004Storm Drain 005Sadness
006Anger 007Old Shirt 008Euphoria 009Hairbrush 010Sunglasses
011 Annoyance 012Calendar 013Remorse 014Doorway 015Contempt
016Angst 017Air Freshener 018Hostility 019Bowl of Cherries 020Shyness
021Happiness 022Bicycle 023Grief 024Ruler 025Awe
026 Frustration 027Hula Hoop 028Worry 029Apron 030Surprise
031Interest 032Crumpled Paper 033Hysteria 034Telephone 035Horror
036Misery 037Dog Food 038Hatred 039Glass Wall 040Wonder
041Suffering 042Empty Bottle 043Pride 044Blood Stains 045Apathy
046Disappointment 047Neon Sign 048Disgust 049Firewood 050Pity
051Jealousy 052Zipper 053Depression 054Marbles 055Chalk
056Embarrassment 057Knife 058Lust 059Spoon 060Anxiety
061Curiosity 062Toy Car 063Despair 064Paper Airplane 065Rage
066Regret 067Chocolate Syrup 068Shame 069Plates 070Dirty Window
071Fear 072Dumpster 073Envy 074Bookcase 075Tools
076Guilt 077Box 078Love 079Bell 080Cage
081Hope 082Doll 083Ecstasy 084Eraser 085Motorcycle
086Empathy 087Button 088Desire 089Television 090Keys
091Loathing 092Pile of Rocks 093Sorrow 094Favorite Chair 095Broken Table
096Writer’s Choice 097Writer’s Choice 098Writer’s Choice 099Writer’s Choice 100Writer’s Choice
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