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title: the house of yellow roses
prompt: doll for [community profile] originalfic100
rating: r. ish.
word count: 1118
a/n and kind of a warning: the r is for murdering. the ish is for that murder being non-explicit. honestly, i'm not very good at rating things to begin with, so i'm not 100% sure about this one.

What Jamison would always remember was the steeple of the church submerged in the lake and the ghosts of a congregation long passed. )
6th-Jun-2011 11:46 am
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title: machines and spirits ought to know
author: [personal profile] cridecoeur
prompt: faith for [community profile] parthenon
pairing: hestia/leper (or daniel/gabriel if you're freaky.)
rating: r
word count: 1232
warnings: a sociopath with super powers and a serious god complex, a cross-dressing negative who does not wear shoes despite the fact that it's really not working in his favor, and a serious disregard for quotation marks. also, i've killed off another minor character, isn't this fun?
a/n: god, does anyone but me even remember this story? i've had this part sitting on my hard drive for probably a year, and finally decided to finish it. here you go, internet, another scene from a kind-of horror story about a super powered sociopath who kills other super powered folk in really nasty ways! it's good times for all!

The shadow of a cross bisects the ground: a tilting steeple, moss-green and slick, white walls chipped away to bare boards, a door hanging off its hinges, creaking as the wind blows it back and forth, rock-shattered windows, littering colored glass, and, within, the groaning of an organ, badly played. )
29th-May-2010 02:41 pm
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title: a la belle étoile
prompt: #99 at [community profile] stayintheroom, newly planted flowers, a dried up river, mortal? and "growth" for women are awesome.
pairing: chiela/terasu, pipra/nikolao
word count: 2,809
rating: r
a/n: this is an excerpt from my original big bang fic, a sci fi space adventure set basically in the present, give or take a few years, on an alien world. the characters involved are fighting in an intergalactic war with worse odds that russian roulette. some of them have super powers. some of them can shape shift. all of them are running out of time.

They make their way to the edge of the camp - just the fact that they make it surprises the hell out of Chiela, a combination of Sprita’s freaky-ass insect radar, foreseeing ships before they pass over, a liberal application of Nikolao’s shadows, and a whole fucking lot of luck - traveling through a dried up river bed, trying to make as little noise as they can, which… well, they don’t get caught and that’s the only thing that really matters, not how gracefully they do it - believe her, it’s not very gracefully, especially not when one of them is blind. )
24th-Aug-2009 09:16 am
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title: machines and spirits ought to know
author: [personal profile] cridecoeur
prompt: self-searching for [community profile] parthenon
characters: sin, virtue, hestia
rating: r
word count 810
warnings: hestia's still a crossdresser who needs to put on some fucking shoes, and a minor character gets offed.
a/n: this is a character study piece for someone i'm trying to take longer than 700 words to kill - at which i'm utterly failing - because i like his character so much and whose voice i was having trouble capturing from the outside. this also contains a bit more of hestia's back story. the structure may seem familiar; the opening scene of machines and spirits was a character study of leper that worked so well i decided to keep it as part of the storyline. that said, i will say another thing: leper may be a sociopath but this kid's fucking crazy.

She burned with brightness, a pinnacle and a beacon, light blooming out of dark, bursts of color, red and green and blue, sliding over skin, wavering reflections, underwater bodies, reaching out, hand to hand, mouth to mouth, like to like. )
17th-Aug-2009 03:38 pm
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title: machines and spirits ought to know
author: [personal profile] cridecoeur
rating: r
word count: 942
prompt: personal quest for [community profile] parthenon
warnings: leper's still a sociopath, hestia's still a crossdresser who needs to put on some fucking shoes, and i still don't like quotation marks. also, there's the little matter of murder in this chapter, and a truly upsetting reaction to that murder. (omg leper, you just killed somebody, cut it out D:).
a/n: this does skip ahead somewhat, chronologically. sorry to be confusing, but I'm not a very good linear writer. also, for those interested in the creative process (what of it there was), i kept listening to these three songs on repeat as i was writing. creative process aside, those are good songs. sin fang bous: \o/

The sun casts the shadow of Jubilation’s body against the ground, a twist of darkness, a slender nothing, while Jubilation herself rises and rises and falls, a rhythmic exercise, occupying atmosphere, height. Hestia and I stand side by side, heads tipped back, hands brushing, watching her acrobatics, her vain performance for those people gathered below. Hestia cups his hands to his mouth and shouts, Jubilation! )
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title: like flowers, dropped from a rocket
author: [personal profile] cridecoeur
rating: r
word count: 834
warnings: vague naughtiness, unnecessary use of latin, and a complete disregard for quotation marks. again.

The ticking machine had neither recorded name nor function. )
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