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3rd-Jun-2011 06:44 pm - lalo, scene four, 3 pages
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Huh. So apparently I finished another scene in Lalo and never posted it. Obviously Script Frenzy is no longer going (and with what happened in April/May it is no wonder I overlooked it), but I am still picking at this script on and off. Kind of like I do with every story on my computer. All 54 of them. (That is neither a joke nor an exaggeration. Actually I think I forgot to count some in the holding-multiple-stories file. So there are probably more.) So, here you go. The next installment in the Lalo saga.


I've yet to decide which story I am picking up for Original Fic Big Bang. It is due by the end of August so I should probably get on that. Actually, I'm probably just going to pick up this fluff piece from the space dragon au 'verse (ha ha ha, then I would actually have to post one of these dumb ass stories, oh my god) where they're all human and live on Earth, and the places they go have stilly names like The Trembling Cup (coffee shop, obvs) and He's Not Here (a bar, maybe not so obvs, and a name I wish I could claim having made up myself, but cannot). We Shall See.
9th-Apr-2011 08:13 pm - lalo, scene three, six pages
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Okay, so. Last time I posted about this script I said this scene was weird. I was not kidding. It features: a talking guide dog (who is psychic. that's how she talks. yes.), a singing, dancing tree, and Leikr eating a star. Pretty much in that order. I like it a lot, which should not be a surprise to those of you who know me. ANYWAYS. Scene:


I am writing this surprisingly linearly, considering I usually hate doing that. Script Frenzy/extensive outlining does that for me? I guess I should say thank you. So thank you things that I have done/am doing! You are helpful.
2nd-Apr-2011 03:13 pm - lalo; scene one; 3 pages
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Proof that the last thing I posted is not like Lalo. Except in the fact that there are sort of super powers involved in Lalo, too. But that is, like, a demi-god thing, not a super-hero thing. Also, everyone is an alien. And has impossible names. ANYWAYS.


P.S. I have decided this journal is depressingly empty, things will be posted here.
2nd-Apr-2011 10:54 am
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So. This Script Frenzy has become a prime example of me not taking myself, my writing, my characters, or my plot very seriously. Which I guess is fair seeing as it's a mad dash to 100 pages. And also I've been distracted by something really fucking stupid:

(This is not Lalo. This is not anything like Lalo. I will post something later to prove just how much this is not like Lalo.)

1st-Apr-2011 11:53 am
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ALLOW ME TO CORRECT MYSELF. There is now an official widget for Script Frenzy, and all the cool kids are using it. Here's mine, it's pretty fly:

30th-Mar-2011 08:55 am
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This journal looks really sad for never being updated. ANYWAYS.

I am doing Script Frenzy this year! I have never even written a script before so April should be a pretty loltastic month. I will in the great tradition of NaNoWriMo, not being posting it on this journal. I think. Possibly. I am pretty sure I will be posting on [personal profile] ohlalo, being that this script is the film adaptation of, you guessed it, Lalo my half-finished NaNo novel from last year. Unless of course I decide this journal is depressingly empty and update here, anyways. I guess you will know if suddenly there are all sorts of weirdly formatted posts on this journal. I would consider that a decent hint.

Sadly, I have yet to find working widgets for Script Frenzy. Someone should really get on making one of those. And a dreamwidth community for Script Frenzy because I have still yet to find one (that has updated in the last two years) either here or on livejournal. Que terrible.
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