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10th-Apr-2011 03:39 pm - mix tape: de acero
cridecoeur: (raichu a love song)
I just found out about this is so cool! I have special playlists for characters/stories that I listen to while I write them. The one for Lalo is actually still in the works (it is pretty dark. D: and includes a lot of PJ Harvey, idk why), but I have made one that is for De Acero (the prequel to Lalo, sort of, and companion to pretty much ever story earlier than Lalo) which revolves around a pairing hasn't come up yet in Lalo, SPOILER SPOILER WILL ROBINSON )

Anyways: mix tape.

It's a Wonderful Li(f)e: The Real Tuesday Weld
Cosmic Love: Florence + The Machine
Holland 1945: Nuetral Milk Hotel
Last Day of Magic: The Kills
Skin Tension: Man Man
Courtship Dating: Crystal Castles
Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels): Arcade Fire
Mondegreen: Yeasayer
The Universe Is Going to Catch You: The Antlers
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