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5th-Jun-2011 08:41 am - a corps perdu; freyja/liv; scene one
cridecoeur: (the flowers are growing)
title: a corps perdu
author: [personal profile] cridecoeur
pairing: freyja/liv
rating: pg-13
word count: 1963
a/n: oh, look, yet another universe. this is one of the, like, million stories i keep going back and forth on for OBB. lesbian horror! with werewolves! and names picked for thematic reasons! no, really, this isn't me just being weird, again, there is history behind them. this feels like the first story with real atmosphere i have written in a long time. i approve. also, i have no idea what time dusk actually falls in the canadian wild, so i googled and took my best guess.

Gloaming spread across the countryside like blood blackening dirt as would happen, yet, yet, but not now. )

This story was also posted over here where a very kind Canadian helped me sort out my setting.
12th-May-2010 04:11 pm - bang bang, you're dead
cridecoeur: (Default)
This journal's starting to look really sad after me not posting for months - I'm working on two big bangs! I swear! it's just nothing I can post yet - so I figured I'd pass this challenge along: the werewolf big bang! (That's too many exclamation points for one sentence. Shame on me.) They're accepting original fic as well as fandom or I wouldn't be signed up. The idea is - as you could probably intuit without me telling you - to write a piece that's at least 10,000 words, revolving around werewolves in some way. And they're accepting pretty much any kind of werewolf lore you can think of. Me, I'm going to be writing a paranormal romance/adventure. It's gonna be sweet. So if you're like me, and you'll jump on any chance to write paranormal stories, you should sign up! Let's show original fic some love!

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